Getting Off the Hamster Wheel

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Yoga classes are where I allow my conscious brain to shut off, and let my subconscious take over. I am an over-thinker and planner extraordinaire. The constant hum can do me good when removed to keep up with the to-do lists of life, but honestly, my subconscious is smarter. It was in yoga my subconscious came through and I realized I had to leave an unhappy marriage. It was in yoga when I realized I had to make a big career change. These decisions have shaped me. Yoga allowed my mind to step off the hamster wheel and really know what I needed. 

If I never started attending yoga, would these thoughts never have bubbled to the surface? If they hadn’t, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Now, as a yoga teacher, I still tap into my subconscious. I feel a connection to my students, the moment in time, and often feel a spontaneous inspiration for the words we all need in that moment. Last night while teaching, I talked about having gratitude in the uncomfortable moments in life. Why? I don’t know. My subconscious told me too. Today, I woke up incredibly cranky, feeling resentful about an overly scheduled day. And this afternoon I was hit with a realization that truly felt like a wave of emotion. Not one of the hamster wheel thoughts, but a meaningful message from my subconscious. I shifted into a state of gratitude. 

Yes, I am in a challenging moment in my life. But something clicked, and I saw with immense clarity how the things on my to-do list I was feeling resentful about, are also the keys to getting where I want to be next in my life. The changes I realized I needed in my first few years of yoga haven’t been the end, but just the beginning of my journey to what I really need. Change keeps coming. Sometimes that makes me cranky. But yoga reminds me of everything I have to be grateful for. What a gift it is that I have the resources to keep creating change in my life. By: Anna Collins Warrior One WGW Instructor

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