About Our Classes

Most of our Yoga Classes are Vinyasa Flow inspired by the True North Alignment. We offer various types of Yoga Classes. Hot Yoga, Cool Flow, Yin, Sculpt, HIIT to name a few. Students of All LEVELS can attend ANY class; all of our teachers are certified and trained to scale up or scale down your practice.

Hot Power Yoga

Our signature class is a total body workout in a heated room to 90 degrees. Vigorous standing poses, sun salutations, backbends, balancing, twists, and hip openers in every class! Modifications are always offered, so this class is suitable for most students, from beginners to advanced. Each class has a theme or focus to keep your practice evolving.

Hot Power Core

All that Power Yoga offers with a greater focus on your deep core – your guts! Your truth! This class helps you plug in, CONNECT, and live from your strongest, clearest center. CORE EXERCISES are threaded throughout the class. All levels welcome; modifications are always offered (heated room to 90 degrees).

Hot Hiit Yoga

Yoga HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) features Cardio, Strength and Conditioning Intervals. You’ll get a powerful, intense workout, as you maintain the ease and clarity of YOGA. Go at your own pace

A full-body, mind and soul workout focused on breath work and other techniques that help recover and strengthen. Great for energizing, preventing injuries, improving posture, range of motion and balance. All levels welcomed in a non-heated room.

Slow Deep Stretch

This class is mostly seated or lying down. It’s a great class for beginners, as well as those looking to improve range of motion, recover from injuries and prevent injuries. Intentional stretching included in addition to deep relaxation poses. Some poses will be help for longer periods to create more space and agility and ease. All levels welcome.

Happy Hips & Hamstrings (Cool)

An all-levels class focusing on creating space and ease in the hips, hamstrings and lower back. Improve range of motion, help prevent injury, improve sleep… this class is full of slow stretches and big possibilities. Flowing movement to warm & loosen the muscles is combined with slow, deep yin-style stretches to improve flexibility & mobility in the joints & connective tissue, to help create freedom & ease in the body. Great for athletes’ recovery  and preventing injuries and un-doing all the sitting and driving of our daily lives.

Candlelight Yin

This class is a hybrid of slow stretching poses, relaxation, and restorative poses, set in an inviting and serene setting. Some poses are held for longer periods (up to 5 minutes) to promote deep release and healing. Experience full physical release and deep meditation. Suitable for all levels. 

This class integrates resistance training (weights) with multiple yoga poses in a cool room.

Improve strength, flexibility, core and balance, resulting in a more powerful and peaceful you. Build bone density and improve your posture. We have all the tools, just show up and shine out!

Learn how to safely enhance all your movements in your yoga practice, other fitness routines, and your everyday life as an expectant mother. Connecting with a community of expectant moms is part of the experience. This class is for all levels, practiced yogis and beginners, and all stages of pregnancy. 

A special time for parent and baby share yoga, move, breathe and laugh together!

Play, stretch, draw, create, sing, move, meditate, have fun!

Beginners get moving and get inspired! Pace yourself. Learn the poses. Awaken your awareness! Enjoy some simple and fun poses. All-levels welcome.

Bliss Warrior! Epic peace. Surrender to deep relaxation and awaken refreshed from this guided meditation and breathing practice.